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About AWAM Corporation

Since 2008, AWAM has been operating successfully as a construction contractor in numerous work areas such as electromechanical works, earthwork, concrete work, building construction, steel fabrication, finishing, erection services, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation work, water supply, sewage treatment systems, road construction and maintenance.
Furthermore, from the first year of establishing AWAM, it has been known as a professional company in the field of custom clearance, and ...

AWAM Quality Management Policy Statement

The Directors of the AWAM are committed to a policy for the development and implementation of this quality management system that will meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and provide, wherever practical and economically viable, continuous improvement in performance.
AWAM will provide safe & healthy working conditions for the entire workforce.
AWAM recognizes the importance of environmental protection but is not currently involved in the implementation of any ...

Manpower Recruitment

AWAM has the qualified Laborers, Mechanics, Electricians, ...

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AWAM, through its commitment to this policy

• Ensures that operations have a minimal impact on the ...

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Training & Communication

Training shall be provided HSE Training that ensures the ...

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In order to make safe environmental work, all the project ...

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