AWAM Quality Management Policy Statement

The Directors of the AWAM are committed to a policy for the development and implementation of this quality management system that will meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and provide, wherever practical and economically viable, continuous improvement in performance.
AWAM will provide safe & healthy working conditions for the entire workforce.
AWAM recognizes the importance of environmental protection but is not currently involved in the implementation of any environmental procedures since the activities of the company do not have a serious impact on the environment.
Any packaging waste is handled by an approved contractor.
The Principals are ultimately responsible for establishing, developing and providing the appropriate resources for meeting these objectives.
However, the overall achievement of these objectives calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by the entire workforce in all areas of the company activities.
The quality objective will be attained by adherence to the requirements of the International standard for quality management systems, ISO 9001:2000 In this respect, the management will develop a quality culture that is underpinned by a consistent approach to statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements.
This objective will be achieved by providing the best possible work environment and ensuring all employees are made fully aware of the relevance and importance of their responsibilities in the implementation of this management system, as part of their training.
AWAM will identify and assess all foreseeable quality hazards and where possible take timely action to either prevent a deviation in the operation or minimize the risks of one occurring.
Top management will review this management system at planned intervals to Ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in satisfying the International standard [ISO 9001] and AWAM stated policy and objectives.
The review process will take account of customer feedback and act as a vehicle for establishing measurable objectives, aimed at satisfying the ongoing requirement for continual improvement.

Policy approved by.
Yahya Awadh Bin Maily