In order to make safe environmental work, all the project team must be responsible on his work, so, naturally we divide the mission as;

Project Manager
• Has the final responsibility of ensuring that the works on the project is done as per mentioned herein this Safe Work Procedure.
• Reviews and approves procurement requisitions.

Construction Manager
• Ensure that work on the project site is carried out without endangering health and safety of employees.
• Give his staff members job-related information and instructions on the subject of health and safety and repeats such information and instructions as needed.
• Conducts checks on plant and equipments to be repaired if procedure is properly implemented.
• Ensures that all employees receive PPEs and sees to it that they use them where necessary and maintain them correctly.
• Is authorized, if he is of the opinion that there is a threat of immediate and serious danger, to stop any activity under his authority from being carried out and stop the use of plant and equipment, etc until effective measures have been taken.