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HSE Manager

• Shall coordinate with the section managers to ensure that suitable arrangements, including subcontractors, are in place to conduct the work with all equipments done safely.
• Ensure the implementation of all necessary instructions done before working on any equipment.
• Shall assign HSE officers for performing daily inspection and advising employees on subjects concerning health and safety.
• Additional means to consider as part of the demonstration of full employee ...

Oilfield Safety

HSE Principles at AWAM Oilfield Service Companies, Inc.
• We at POSCI believe in the sanctity of human life.
• We believe that our employees have the right to a future.
• We believe that the employee›s family has the right to a future with the employee.
Our safety program services are core to everything we do.
Our people make our company and our culture reflects this value in everything we do for our customers, employees and the communities where we live and ...

Work Procedures Safety

Safe Work Procedure is designed to minimize risk, to prevent incidents through promotion of safe work practices and behaviours during the execution of the activities for our corporation’s projects because our sign is safety first The safety supervisor gives all labours some guidelines for the control of hazardous even energy or construction incidents, employee training requirements, and periodic inspections. This ensures that employees performing service or maintenance on equipment or ...

Seat Belt Policy

This policy is applicable to all employees in company sites.
Wearing of seat belts throughout the journey to and from is mandatory order of the company management to all drivers and passengers in a moving vehicle.
• Passengers shall not be transported with project vehicle not fitted with seat belts.
• The driver is responsible in enforcing the wearing of seat belt in his vehicle.
• The vehicle may only convey the minimum and maximum capacity on the vehicle to the ...

Health, Safety & Environment

Our First priority at AWAM is to make sure that practical and effective measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees, and contractors.
In implementing this policy, AWAM not only complies with latest relevant legislation of health, safety and environment but also encourages other initiatives for protecting the health, safety and environment of those affected by its activities.
AWAM specific objectives are to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all ...

About Us

Since 2008, AWAM has been operating successfully as a construction contractor in numerous work areas such as electromechanical works, earthwork, concrete work, building construction, steel fabrication, finishing, erection services, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation work, water supply, sewage treatment systems, road construction and maintenance.

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